My Story

Even before I was pregnant with my first child, I researched everything.  I was living in Japan at the time, and I wanted to know as much information about what I was getting myself into as I could, and I wanted a broad understanding of as many things related to birth as I could find.  While I felt prepared when I went into labor with my son, I still felt there was so much more I could have done.

When I found myself pregnant again, this time in the US, I again felt the need to research, prepare, and practice for a whole different birth experience.  After my daughter’s birth, I felt I had learned all these skills but was disappointed that I had no practical outlet for this information anymore.

Which brought on the next round of research: doula training programs.  After months of lurking, I decided to sign up for Bebo Mia‘s Maternal Support Practitioner (doula) training.  I am trained in fertility, birth, and postpartum support.  While I am just beginning my work as a doula, I am excited to share and learn with the Portland-Vancouver Community.

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