A Relaxing Birth: Workshop for Couples

Does your image of labor look something like this: laying flat in the hospital bed, screaming and writhing in pain while yelling obscenities at your partner until the baby finally comes out. Our image of birth is largely constructed from TV and movies, which, like so many things, does not give an accurate image of what labor is really like.  But there are things you can do to raise your confidence and reduce fear as you head into your birth

Pregnant couple with doula at home

This one-hour personalized workshop, done in the comfort of your own home, will give you and your partner the confidence needed to work together for a more calm and relaxing birth experience. This workshop is especially designed to help you and your partner notice signs of stress and pain and to arm both of you with relaxation techniques to manage your labor. After the workshop, you will have the tools to continue to practice and improve each technique and your relaxation response.

This workshop includes:

  • Information on what causes labor pain
  • Relaxation techniques to practice both individually and together
  • labor positions to optimize labor progress
  • Breathing patterns for early labor, active labor, and transition
  • 6 week practice guide to optimize your preparedness and confidence heading into labor.

You and your partner will

  • Connect to each other and to your baby
  • Feel confident on labor day with practical knowledge and techniques to try
  • Know how to work together and with your body during labor
  • Have a practice plan so you know you are ready for the big day

Order this workshop for $50 here. ? Contact me with any questions.